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Sonny Boy (2011) ◆ TVlol Film-Noir

Sonny Boy (2011) ◆ TVlol Film-Noir
Sonny Boy (2011)
◆ Sonny Boy (2011)

A Dutch woman and a young man 17 years her junior from Suriname, struggle to make their relationship work in spite of the social and economic obstacles they face.

Release: 130 min ◉ Biography, Drama, Romance ◉ 27 January 2011 (Netherlands)

Stars: Ricky Koole, as Rika, Sergio Hasselbaink, as Waldemar Nods, Angelo Arnhem, as Waldemar - 13 jaar, Eliyha Altena, as Sonny Boy - 6 jaar, Daniel van Wijk, as Sonny Boy - 11-15 jaar, Marcel Hensema, as Willem, Micha Hulshof, as Marcel, Frits Lambrechts, as Sam, Ole Kroes, as Henkie - 4 jaar, Mees Wielinga, as Henkie - 10 jaar, Sido Vrieswijk, as Henkie - 17 jaar, Charlie Leuken, as Jan - 13 jaar, Martijn Lakemeier, as Jan - 20 jaar, Claire Veldkamp, as Bertha - 9 jaar, Gaite Jansen, as Bertha - 15-26 jaar, Gijs Blom, as Wim - 13 jaar, Ko Zandvliet, as Wim - 19 jaar, Leny Breederveld, as Moeder Rika, Maria Peters, Annejet van der Zijl, sonny up channel, sonny free tv programs, sonny now tv movies, sonny us tv go, sonny live tv show, sonny live tv player, sonny television series, sonny tv direct online, sonny best hd movies

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