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Sixteen (2013) ◎ TVlol Comedy

Sixteen (2013) ◎ TVlol Comedy
Sixteen (2013)
◎ Sixteen (2013)

An African former child soldier now living in London is forced to confront his violent past.

Release: 80 min ◉ Thriller ◉ 14 October 2013 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Roger Jean Nsengiyumva, as Jumah, Rachael Stirling, as Laura, Rosie Day, as Chloe, Fady Elsayed, as Josh, Sam Spruell, as Liam, Alexis Zegerman, as DI Iqbal, Christopher Simpson, as The Headmaster, Deon Lee-Williams, as Alex, Dave Hill, as Gerry, Mercedes Grower, as Chrissy, Christopher Hamilton, as Bradley, Heidi Gowthorpe, as Jo, Roger Harrison, as Radio Broadcaster, David Warren, as Constable Warren, Jamie Fallows, as Security Guard, Rodney Trotter, as Faboo, Daisy Alton, as School Student, Annabel Armstrong, Rob Brown, sixteen stream, sixteen most popular episode, sixteen prime on demand, sixteen yts, sixteen all channel app, sixteen news watch tv, sixteen see free, sixteen binge series, sixteen free tv episodes

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