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Roman Petra Ibbetsona (1935) Peter Ibbetson ► TVlol Romance

Roman Petra Ibbetsona (1935) Peter Ibbetson ► TVlol Romance
Roman Petra Ibbetsona (1935) Peter Ibbetson
► Roman Petra Ibbetsona (1935) Peter Ibbetson

A Victorian-era architect, commissioned by the Duke of Towers to design his stables, falls in love with the Duchess.

Release: 85 min ◉ Drama, Fantasy, Romance ◉ 16 March 1936 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Douglass Dumbrille, as Col. Forsythe, Virginia Weidler, as Mimsey - Mary Age 6, Dickie Moore, as Gogo - Peter Age 8, Doris Lloyd, as Mrs. Dorian, Gilbert Emery, as Wilkins, Donald Meek, as Mr. Slade, Christian Rub, as Maj. Duquesnois, Elsa Buchanan, as Madame Pasquier, Herbert Evans, as Undetermined Secondary Role, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Bodil Rosing, as Undetermined Supporting Role, Jack Adair, as Guard, Robert Adair, as Prisoner, Stanley Andrews, as Judge, Ambrose Barker, as 3rd Clerk, Theresa Maxwell Conover, as Sister of Mercy, Gary Cooper, as Peter Ibbetson, Ann Harding, as Mary - Duchess of Towers, John Halliday, as The Duke of Towers, Ida Lupino, as Agnes, Henry Hathaway, Vincent Lawrence, Waldemar Young, John Meehan, roman gratis iptv, roman free cable tv, roman original series, roman new free movies, roman tv series, roman online movies television, roman freeview play, roman top movies on netflix, roman watch up tv, petra gratis iptv, petra free cable tv, petra original series, petra new free movies, petra tv series, petra online movies television, petra freeview play, petra top movies on netflix, petra watch up tv, ibbetsona gratis iptv, ibbetsona free cable tv, ibbetsona original series, ibbetsona new free movies, ibbetsona tv series, ibbetsona online movies television, ibbetsona freeview play, ibbetsona top movies on netflix, ibbetsona watch up tv, peter gratis iptv, peter free cable tv, peter original series, peter new free movies, peter tv series, peter online movies television, peter freeview play, peter top movies on netflix, peter watch up tv, ibbetson gratis iptv, ibbetson free cable tv, ibbetson original series, ibbetson new free movies, ibbetson tv series, ibbetson online movies television, ibbetson freeview play, ibbetson top movies on netflix, ibbetson watch up tv

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