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Remonstrance (1972) Motforestilling ◉ TVlol Box Office

Remonstrance (1972) Motforestilling ◉ TVlol Box Office
Remonstrance (1972) Motforestilling
◉ Remonstrance (1972) Motforestilling

A meta-film about a film and the common man in our own political reality. A reality that is just scenes of a film without any cinematic development, but which might be plain reality tomorrow.

Release: 97 min ◉ Crime, Drama ◉ 9 November 1972 (Norway)

Stars: Anne Marie Ottersen, Ole-Jørgen Nilsen, Ragnar Baartvedt, Jahn Pedersen, Helga Backe, Thorleif Reiss, Unni Bernhoft, Finn Ryhl-Andersen, Wilfred Breistrand, Einar Wenes, Geir Børresen, Rolv Wesenlund, Martin Gisti, Tomas Widerberg, Lillemor Grimsgaard, Britt Langlie, Espen Skjønberg, Per Theodor Haugen, Kari Rasmussen, Knut Husebø, Erik Løchen, remonstrance top new movies, remonstrance online live, remonstrance online streaming, remonstrance most popular shows, remonstrance usa live, remonstrance best tv shows, remonstrance online tv player, remonstrance online movies television, remonstrance full free movies, motforestilling top new movies, motforestilling online live, motforestilling online streaming, motforestilling most popular shows, motforestilling usa live, motforestilling best tv shows, motforestilling online tv player, motforestilling online movies television, motforestilling full free movies

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