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Reawakened (2020) ✪ TVlol War

Reawakened (2020) ✪ TVlol War
Reawakened (2020)
✪ Reawakened (2020)

When Michele Chadwick's best friend Sophia accidentally awakens the spirit of a malevolent witch that died centuries ago, Michele has to find a way to save her soul from eternal damnation.

Release: 94 min ◉ Horror ◉ 28 April 2020 (United States)

Stars: Dabier, as Nate, Charlie Ian, as Brandon, Malcolm Matthews, as Professor Miles, Ann Tomberlin, as Rachel, Getty Olm, as Travis, Masha Mendieta, as Jessica, Tom Ohmer, as Dr. Flanagan, Rich Redmond, as Lieutenant Paxton, Carrie Aquino, as Nurse Beth, Wilson Davis, as Magistrate Lewis, Travis Lee Eller, as Dr. Frank Stevenson, Ricardo Navas, as Officer Blake, Stasha Surdyke, as Abigail Barker, Toni Taubman, as Nurse Judy, Steffani Brass, as Michele Chadwick, Brooke Mackenzie, as Sophia, Tina Cole, as Laura Chadwick, Chantelle Albers, as Detective Henderson, Jose Altonaga, reawakened movies out soon, reawakened tv free channel, reawakened up channel, reawakened full episodes, reawakened hd movies online, reawakened cinema free, reawakened best movies list, reawakened freeview app, reawakened seasons

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