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Pitfall (1948) ※ TVlol Western

Pitfall (1948) ※ TVlol Western
Pitfall (1948)
※ Pitfall (1948)

Married insurance adjuster John Forbes falls for femme fatale Mona Stevens while her boyfriend is in jail and all suffer serious consequences as a result.

Release: 86 min ◉ Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller ◉ 24 August 1948 (United States)

Stars: Dick Powell, as John Forbes, Lizabeth Scott, as Mona Stevens, Jane Wyatt, as Sue Forbes, Raymond Burr, as J.B. MacDonald, John Litel, as District Attorney, Byron Barr, as Bill Smiley, Jimmy Hunt, as Tommy Forbes, Ann Doran, as Maggie, Selmer Jackson, as Ed Brawley, Margaret Wells, as Terry, Dick Wessel, as Desk Sergeant, Eddie Borden, as Prison Visitor, Helen Dickson, as Fashion Show Attendee, Ben Erway, as Doctor, Don Haggerty, as District Attorney's Man, Sam Harris, as Man in Diner, Thomas Martin, as Bartender, David McMahon, as Police Lieutenant, André De Toth, Jay Dratler, Karl Kamb, William Bowers, pitfall free streams tv, pitfall top tv series box shows, pitfall online, pitfall free cable tv, pitfall filmon tv app, pitfall channel up tv, pitfall tv telecast, pitfall pluto movies, pitfall free world tv

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