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No Surrender (2011) ● TVlol Horror

No Surrender (2011) ● TVlol Horror
No Surrender (2011)
● No Surrender (2011)

A writer whose work encourages women not to endure violent relationships discovers she has a crazed stalker.

Release: 90 min ◉ Drama, Mystery, Thriller ◉ 17 March 2011 (Canada)

Stars: Mena Suvari, as Amelia Davis, Stephanie Bauder, as Jenny Reardon, Serge Houde, as Detective Wilson, Joseph Mesiano, as Carlo Rossi, Maurizio Terrazzano, as Darryl Devine, Danette Mackay, as Bernice Frankel, Marc Trottier, as Trevor, Glen Bowser, as Collin Grosslight, Kate Drummond, as Jody, Giovanni Cipolla, as Parole Officer, Paula Jean Hixson, as Lana Grey, Ian Finlay, as William Cross, Meghan Gabruch, as Megan, Karl Werleman, as Male Executive, Benjamin Hatcher, as Uniformed Officer, Kayla Malec, as Reporter, Tristan Dubois, Mike Ades, surrender filmon tv free, surrender line tv premium, surrender us tv go, surrender s actor, surrender free shows, surrender online tv, surrender iptv satellite, surrender tv shows top, surrender apple tv films

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