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Moment of Truth (2017) ✡ TVlol Horror

Moment of Truth (2017) ✡ TVlol Horror
Moment of Truth (2017)
✡ Moment of Truth (2017)

Jess has just been saved at the last minute from a grisly death. Now, in a town full of people that hate him and with dangerous forces descending to finish the job, Jess has to figure out who saved him - and why.

Release: 83 min ◉ Action, Crime, Drama ◉ 26 April 2017 (United States)

Stars: Stu Alexander, as Jess Rabarass, Jennifer Keister, as Rachel, Vladimy Bellefleur, as Joseph, Tony Berry, as The Father, Shawn Genther, as The Boss, Mitchell Jacobs, as Nicky, Michael Dunsworth, as The Henchman, Chris Marzella, as The Muscle, Sandra Bellefleur, as The Nurse, Timothy Gunderman, as The Doctor, Dave Lepage, as The Thug, Danny Rawley, as Young Jess, Sam Holmes, as Younger Jess, Hannah Holmes, as Young Rachel, Miguel Cardichon, as Gunman 3, Ashley LaRue, as The Waitress, Delaney Souppa, as Girl, Donovan Souppa, as Boy, Tim Ritter, moment hd freeview tv, moment latest series, moment watch tv on, moment watch now app, moment cinema movies, moment list movies netflix, moment new free tv, moment live, moment my tv free, truth hd freeview tv, truth latest series, truth watch tv on, truth watch now app, truth cinema movies, truth list movies netflix, truth new free tv, truth live, truth my tv free

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