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Little Terrors (2014) ✯ TVlol Family

Little Terrors (2014) ✯ TVlol Family
Little Terrors (2014)
✯ Little Terrors (2014)

A 13-year-old American boy is recruited by terrorists to bomb a U.S. embassy in Delhi. After being brainwashed he is sent to live with a Muslim family prior to the attack. However, the man harboring him begins to play a dangerous gam

Release: 103 min ◉ Drama ◉ 12 September 2014 (Canada)

Stars: Sandeep Dey, as Father, Harjot Thandi, as Afsa, Sameer Anthwal, as Mukhtar, Dulha Bajwa, as Yushua, Darryl Dougherty, as Steve Winthrop, Nirmal Rishi, as Grandmother, Sher Gill, as Rasin, Kapil Kalyan, as Misbah, Tarun David, as Rashid, Martin McNenly, as John, Gurdas, as Atif, Tejwant Mangat, as Hazar, Ramnik Kaur, as Samih's Mother, Navnit Ravi Rana, as Reporter, Jaswinder Singh Angroya, as Waseem, Maury Bracho, as Pete, Om Puri, as Abdul-Wadood Kamil, Deep Dhillon, as Zafar, Aamrik Arjun, as Tarek, Armaan Kabli, as Samih, Maninder Chana, little live web tv, little tv series most popular, little hd, little plex movies, little sat channels, little up tv channel, little free tv apps, little free series, little free episodes, terrors live web tv, terrors tv series most popular, terrors hd, terrors plex movies, terrors sat channels, terrors up tv channel, terrors free tv apps, terrors free series, terrors free episodes

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