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Last (TV Series) ► TVlol History

Last (TV Series) ► TVlol History
Last (TV Series)
► Last (TV Series)

Jang Taeho, a finance genius, fails in a financial scheme, leaving him with nothing. Pursued by those who lost millions in the failed scheme, Taeho is forced to hide in the underworld. At the bottom of life's pyramid, he will lear... Last (2015) Laseuteu Last (2015)

Release: 60 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Thriller ◉ 24 July 2015 (South Korea)

Stars: Yoon Kyesang, as Jang Tae-ho, Beom-su Lee, as Kwak Heung-sam, Seo Ye-Ji, as Shin Na-ra, Park Yejin, as Seo Mi-joo, Ha Dong, as Samagwui Mantis, Park Won-sang, as Ryoo Jong-goo, Hyeong-jin Kong, as Cha Hae-jin, Jong-jun Jeong, as Jung Hoi-jang, Won-yeong Jang, as Akeo, Yong Woo Lee, as Kang Se-hoon, Se-ha Ahn, as Gong Young-chil, Jae-yee Goo, as Yoon Jung-min, Cheol-min Lee, as Doksa, Ji-Hoon Kim, as Oh Ship-jang, Hyo-jeong Ban, as Jang-goon halmae, Lee Do-kyung, as Jeong Man-chool, Ki-Cheon Kim, as Mr. Yang, last sat tv, last top new tv series, last on demand, last new tv to watch, last free tv watch, last watchtv online, last cable tv app, last online hd tv, last world tv online, series sat tv, series top new tv series, series on demand, series new tv to watch, series free tv watch, series watchtv online, series cable tv app, series online hd tv, series world tv online

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