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Knight of the Dead (2013) ※ TVlol News

Knight of the Dead (2013) ※ TVlol News
Knight of the Dead (2013)
※ Knight of the Dead (2013)

Hunted by raiders, a band of crusading knights escort the holy grail through a valley of black death where they must hack and slash their way to freedom.

Release: 82 min ◉ Action, Fantasy, Horror ◉ 30 October 2014 (Kuwait)

Stars: Alan Calton, as Gabriel, Jason Beeston, as Raphael, George McCluskey, as Calon, Alf Thompson, as Cybron, Dennis Carr, as Priest, Eva Morgan, as Gwendolyn, Han, as Lead Assassin, Matt Saxon, as Assassin #1, Neill Scullard, as Assassin #2, Dylan Kennedy, as Assassin #3, Ryan Hazeldine, as Assassin #4, Peter Hallett, as Assassin #5, Nia Ann, as Girl Zombie in Cave, Barry Rees Jones, as Zombie That Killed Gabriel, Kevin Smith, as Big Zombie, Benn Seaton, as Zombie in the Hovel, Feth Greenwood, as Leuthar, Vivien Vilela, as Badriyah, Lee Bennett, as Anzo, Dylan Jones, as Bjorn, Mark Atkins, knight movies top rated, knight live tv web, knight iptv stream, knight plex player, knight films on tv now, knight free iptv links, knight rated film, knight tv online free, knight best m3u list, dead movies top rated, dead live tv web, dead iptv stream, dead plex player, dead films on tv now, dead free iptv links, dead rated film, dead tv online free, dead best m3u list

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