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Ill Gotten Gains (1997) ● TVlol Horror

Ill Gotten Gains (1997) ● TVlol Horror
Ill Gotten Gains (1997)
● Ill Gotten Gains (1997)

WEST AFRICA 1869 - Slave trade is illegal. There is a revolt on a slave ship - twenty four men fight for their lives. Out-gunned, the revolt fails but a second uprising is planned.

Release: 101 min ◉ Drama, History ◉ 5 December 1997 (United States)

Stars: Djimon Hounsou, as Fyah, Akosua Busia, as Fey, De'aundre Bonds, as Pop, Eartha Kitt, as The Wood, Reg E. Cathey, as Nassor, Tom Fitzpatrick, as Jeremiah, Mario Gardner, as Barc, Clabe Hartley, as Skinner, Jamillah Nicole, as Fa, Tom Taglang, as Cowlie, Tony Torn, as The Vet, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, as Cooper, Claudia Robinson, as Femi, Tamael, Glen Beaudin, Jon Amirkhan, as Bodgie, Brye Cooper, as Navy Lad, Smalls, as Slave #4, Joel B. Marsden, Peter Steinberg, gotten us tv go, gotten world tv online, gotten best uk channels, gotten sat on tv, gotten best movie app, gotten iptv streams, gotten tvplayer, gotten free tv episodes, gotten uk play, gains us tv go, gains world tv online, gains best uk channels, gains sat on tv, gains best movie app, gains iptv streams, gains tvplayer, gains free tv episodes, gains uk play

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