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Hit List (2011) ◉ TVlol Western

Hit List (2011) ◉ TVlol Western
Hit List (2011)
◉ Hit List (2011)

While dating a woman (Shirly Brener) with anger-management issues, a hitman (Joey Lawrence) finds her journal and uses it as a guide to prove how much he loves her.

Release: 90 min ◉ Comedy, Romance ◉ 5 October 2011 (Israel)

Stars: Shirly Brener, as Charlotte Murphy, Joey Lawrence, as Lyle, Andrea Evans, as Diane Murphy, Bryce Johnson, as Chad, Curtis Armstrong, as Mr. Button, John Savage, as Walter Murphy, Michael Kostroff, as Mr. Weller, Chris Owen, as Wick, Loren Lester, as Billy Joe Philbin, Jenny O'Hara, as Phil's Mother, Carlee Baker, as News Anchorwoman, Rhyan Blade, as 6 year old Charlotte, Daniel Bonjour, as Surf Promoter, Dominick Brandt, as Store Patron, Donovan Brandt, Al Bravo, as Distinguished Man #2, Eve Brent, as Mrs. Sheehan, Chris Crater, as Psychologist, Minh Collins, hit recent top rated movies, hit hd tv live, hit watch shows hd, hit uk iptv m3u, hit world live tv, hit box office new movies, hit watch, hit tv series now, hit all new movie, list recent top rated movies, list hd tv live, list watch shows hd, list uk iptv m3u, list world live tv, list box office new movies, list watch, list tv series now, list all new movie

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