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Foxtrot (1982) ◎ TVlol Drama

Foxtrot (1982) ◎ TVlol Drama
Foxtrot (1982)
◎ Foxtrot (1982)

A number of characters' sexual shenanigans are followed leading up to a big New Year's Eve party.

Release: 79 min ◉ Adult ◉ 18 May 1982 (United States)

Stars: Marlene Willoughby, as Zelda, Veronica Hart, as Gracie, Samantha Fox, as Brandy, Vanessa del Rio, as Celeste, Merle Michaels, as Betsy, Sharon Mitchell, as Faith, Tiffany Clark, as D'Arcy, Linda Vale, as Gloria, Sandra Hillman, as Erin, Marilyn Gee, as Alice, Robert Kerman, as Artie, David Morris, as Ross, Alan Clement, as Luther, Bobby Astyr, as Roman, Ron Jeremy, as Louis, Jack Silver, as Jonathan, Tess Mayo, as Mrs. Luther, Alan Adrian, as Ashur, Cecil Howard, Anne Randall, foxtrot trailer online, foxtrot online, foxtrot top movies today, foxtrot watch hd movies, foxtrot famous movie series, foxtrot mobile live tv, foxtrot watch free, foxtrot free hd movies, foxtrot now watch uk

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