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Fanny (1961) ● TVlol Talk-Show

Fanny (1961) ● TVlol Talk-Show
Fanny (1961)
● Fanny (1961)

A love triangle featuring a young woman, a rich 60-something man, and an aspiring sailor set in early-20th-century Marseilles.

Release: 134 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 14 September 1961 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Georgette Anys, as Honorine Fanny's Mother, Salvatore Baccaloni, as Escartifigue Ferryboat Captain, Lionel Jeffries, as Monsieur Brun The Englishman, Raymond Bussières, as The Admiral, Joël Flateau, as Cesario Fanny's Son, Victor Francen, as Panisse's Elder Brother, Paul Bonifas, as The Postman, Jack Ary, as Sailor, Daniel Crohem, Dominique Davray, as Woman #1 at fish market, Germaine Delbat, as Louis Panisse's Wife, Clément Harari, Maguy Horiot, Moustache, Jean Ozenne, as Consumer, Jean Panisse, as Passer-by, Leslie Caron, as Fanny, Maurice Chevalier, as Panisse, Charles Boyer, as Cesar, Horst Buchholz, as Marius, Joshua Logan, S.N. Behrman, Marcel Pagnol, fanny top rated series, fanny freeview box, fanny usa shows, fanny filmon free, fanny totv app, fanny miniseries, fanny best shows, fanny movies more, fanny box office top movies

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