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Elizabeth Is Missing (2019) ◉ TVlol Movies

Elizabeth Is Missing (2019) ◉ TVlol Movies
Elizabeth Is Missing (2019)
◉ Elizabeth Is Missing (2019)

A woman affected by dementia struggles to solve the disappearance of her friend.

Release: 87 min ◉ Drama, Mystery ◉ 8 December 2019 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Glenda Jackson, as Maud, Maggie Steed, as Elizabeth, Sophie Rundle, as Sukey, Liv Hill, as Young Maud, Neil Pendleton, as Douglas, Julie Hannan, as Margery, Mark Stanley, as Frank, Helen Behan, as Helen, Nell Williams, as Katy, Linda Hargreaves, as Carla, John-Paul Hurley, as Dad, Michelle Duncan, as Ma, Tom Urie, as Desk Sergeant, Cara Kelly, as The Woman, Sam Hazeldine, as Tom, Nabs Aziz, as Rafid, Brian Ferguson, as Dr Harris, Stuart McQuarrie, as Peter, Aisling Walsh, Andrea Gibb, Emma Healey, elizabeth tv see, elizabeth tv series sites, elizabeth live streaming, elizabeth best series tv shows, elizabeth top popular movies, elizabeth home movie, elizabeth india tv live, elizabeth movies on pluto, elizabeth news tv series, missing tv see, missing tv series sites, missing live streaming, missing best series tv shows, missing top popular movies, missing home movie, missing india tv live, missing movies on pluto, missing news tv series

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