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Easter Holocaust (2020) ※ TVlol Music

Easter Holocaust (2020) ※ TVlol Music
Easter Holocaust (2020)
※ Easter Holocaust (2020)

It's Easter once again, and a demonic form of the Easter Bunny has risen to wreak havoc upon a small town . The local population quickly begins to dwindle as it murders everyone in its bloody path. One by one the hearts of its vic...

Release: 136 min ◉ Horror ◉ 4 April 2020 (United States)

Stars: Paul Clemente, as Will Astin, Adele Crotty, as Holly Powell, Patricia Culliton, as Female agent, Stephine Farrell, as Alice Hardy, Elisa Fuentes, as Karen Clarke, Rya Guiffre, as A2, Ylsa Maj Guiffre, as Marsha Mayfield, Katie Hellman, as Natalia, Don Hill, as Male agent, Patrick Joksimovic, as Bruce, Ari Lehman, as Jason Manfredini, Jeremy Littlte, as Sheriff Keery, Chris Miraglia, as Noah Karl, Lisa Neeld, as Kandy Palmer, Regis Pratt, as Charlie Wheeler, Charity Rahmer, as Madison Storms, Todd Acton, as Professor Byers, Joshua Anderson, as Finn Wheeler, Sharon Backos, as Joyce Wheeler, Michael Leo Centi, as Millie Powell, easter apk tv live, easter now tv free, easter tv live online, easter usa tv, easter channel up tv, easter usa streaming, easter us tv streaming, easter iptv world apk, easter watch tv uk, holocaust apk tv live, holocaust now tv free, holocaust tv live online, holocaust usa tv, holocaust channel up tv, holocaust usa streaming, holocaust us tv streaming, holocaust iptv world apk, holocaust watch tv uk

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