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Delta (TV Series) ◉ TVlol Thriller

Delta (TV Series) ◉ TVlol Thriller
Delta (TV Series)
◉ Delta (TV Series)

A woman named Delta after leaving her husband sets out to pursue her dream of being a singer, So she goes to Nashville and gets a job as a waitress while trying to make it. But she drives her boss mad because she is incompetent. Delta (1992–1993) Delta (1992–1993)

Release: 30 min ◉ Comedy ◉ 15 September 1992 (United States)

Stars: Delta Burke, as Delta Bishop, Earl Holliman, as Darden Towe, Beth Grant, as Thelma Wainwright, Nancy Giles, as Connie Morris, Bill Engvall, as Buck Overton, Gigi Rice, as Lavonne Overton, Joe Urla, as Sandy Scott, David Powledge, as Customer, Elizabeth Wilson, as Rosiland Dupree, Jeff Doucette, as Deke, Kevin Scannell, as Charlie Bishop, O'Neal Compton, as Mr. Boone, John Schneider, as Jimmy Word, Ruta Lee, as Charlotte Tyler, Willie Nelson, as Willie Nelson, Tracy Kolis, as Talia Towe, George D. Wallace, as Mr. Warren Biddle, Dion Anderson, as Clayton Foote, delta online cinema, delta box office list top, delta movies out, delta film series, delta new shows, delta filmon free, delta top films, delta tv series now, delta netflix tv, series online cinema, series box office list top, series movies out, series film series, series new shows, series filmon free, series top films, series tv series now, series netflix tv

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