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Delete (2013) ✬ TVlol Series

Delete (2013) ✬ TVlol Series
Delete (2013)
✬ Delete (2013)

A reporter and a young hacker uncover an artificial intelligence which has become sentient. It has one goal. Self preservation. Humans are trying to destroy it. So it's 'it' or them.

Release: 180 min ◉ Action, Drama, Sci-Fi ◉ 19 August 2013 (United States)

Stars: Keir Gilchrist, as Daniel Gerson, Erin Karpluk, as Jesse White, Ryan Robbins, as Max Hollis, Gil Bellows, as Lt. General Michael Overson Director, NSA, Seth Green, as Lucifer, Matt Frewer, as Arthur Bowden National Security Advisor, Janet Kidder, as Elizabeth Hardington Deputy Director, Andrew Airlie, as Marcus Trumaine Director of National Intelligence, Theresa Russell, as Fiona, Michael P. Northey, as Belphegor, Michael J Rogers, as Sgt. Sloan, Birkett Turton, as Major Kensington, Agam Darshi, as Dr. Singh, Peter New, as Nillwood, Don Thompson, as Miles Maxford, Emily Holmes, as Naomi Overson, delete tv series app, delete movie release, delete news tv series, delete web tv, delete british tv live, delete classic tv, delete home movie, delete box office, delete top new tv shows

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