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Death Spa (1988) ☆ TVlol Music

Death Spa (1988) ☆ TVlol Music
Death Spa (1988)
☆ Death Spa (1988)

Gruesome deaths begin to occur at a hip Los Angeles health club.

Release: 88 min ◉ Horror ◉ May 1988 (France)

Stars: Alexa Hamilton, as Priscilla Wayne, Ken Foree, as Marvin, Rosalind Cash, as Sgt. Stone, Francis X. McCarthy, as Lt. Fletcher, Shari Shattuck, as Catherine, Hank Cheyne, as Robert, Chelsea Field, as Darla, Joseph Whipp, as Dr. Lido Moray, Karen Michaels, as Rhonda, Tane McClure, as Vicky, Cindi Dietrich, as Linda, Vanessa Bell Calloway, as Marci Hewitt, David Shaughnessy, as Freddie, Norma Leistiko, as Dr. Southern, Chad Hayes, as Jeffery, Karyn Parsons, as Brooke, William Bumiller, as Michael Evans, Brenda Bakke, as Laura Danvers, Merritt Butrick, as David Avery, Robert Lipton, as Tom, Michael Fischa, James Bartruff, death watch tv apk, death free movie apps, death movies out now, death free shows, death freeview now, death free tv video, death netflix cinema, death popular on tv, death onlinetv app

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