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Dark Shadows (2012) 👊 TVlol Films

Dark Shadows (2012) 👊 TVlol Films
Dark Shadows (2012)
👊 Dark Shadows (2012)

An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection.

Release: 113 min ◉ Comedy, Fantasy, Horror ◉ 11 May 2012 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Jackie Earle Haley, as Willie Loomis, Jonny Lee Miller, as Roger Collins, Bella Heathcote, as Victoria Winters, Chloë Grace Moretz, as Carolyn Stoddard, Gulliver McGrath, as David Collins, Ray Shirley, as Mrs. Johnson, Christopher Lee, as Clarney, Alice Cooper, as Alice Cooper, Ivan Kaye, as Joshua Collins, Susanna Cappellaro, as Naomi Collins, Josephine Butler, as David's Mother, William Hope, as Sheriff, Shane Rimmer, as Board Member 1, Michael Shannon, as Board Member 2, Harry Taylor, as Henchman, Glen Mexted, as Captain Rubberpants, Johnny Depp, as Barnabas Collins, Michelle Pfeiffer, as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Eva Green, as Angelique Bouchard, Helena Bonham Carter, as Dr. Julia Hoffman, Tim Burton, Seth Grahame-Smith, John August, Dan Curtis, dark amazon tv series, dark watchlivetv, dark live tv box, dark tv show sites, dark premium live tv, dark free live news, dark channel up tv, dark tv live, dark best on uk tv, shadows amazon tv series, shadows watchlivetv, shadows live tv box, shadows tv show sites, shadows premium live tv, shadows free live news, shadows channel up tv, shadows tv live, shadows best on uk tv

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