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Dang kou (2008) Plastic City ◆ TVlol Sci-fi

Dang kou (2008) Plastic City ◆ TVlol Sci-fi
Dang kou (2008) Plastic City
◆ Dang kou (2008) Plastic City

Yuda, a feared Chinese outlaw, and his adopted son Kirin, an impulsive young dreamer, together rule the pirated goods racket in an ultra-liberal Brazilian metropolis. The magnate and his heir control all of Liberdade, from rival g...

Release: 118 min ◉ Thriller ◉ 14 March 2009 (Japan)

Stars: Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, as Yuda, Joe Odagiri, as Kirin, Domingos Antonio, as Federal Agent, Alessandro Azevedo, as Camacho, Ricardo Bittencourt, as Guilhermo, Alexandre Borges, Chao Chen, as Yanno, Chao-jung Chen, Jeff Chen, Milhem Cortaz, as Not Dead, Rodrigo dos Santos, as Marquito, Barbara Garcia, as Black Dancer, Phellipe Haagensen, Yi Huang, as Ocho, Claudio Jaborandy, Renata Jesion, as Reporter, Hiyan Kubagawa, as Kirin 5 Years, Tainá Müller, as Rita, Nelson Lik-wai Yu, Danilo Gullane, Fernando Bonassi, dang apple tv movies, dang freeview online, dang movies to watch, dang channels tv live, dang free hd movies, dang iptv list usa, dang watch shows uk, dang stream series, dang sat on tv, plastic apple tv movies, plastic freeview online, plastic movies to watch, plastic channels tv live, plastic free hd movies, plastic iptv list usa, plastic watch shows uk, plastic stream series, plastic sat on tv, city apple tv movies, city freeview online, city movies to watch, city channels tv live, city free hd movies, city iptv list usa, city watch shows uk, city stream series, city sat on tv

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