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Cat's Eye (1985) Quitters, Inc. ◉ TVlol Animation

Cat's Eye (1985) Quitters, Inc. ◉ TVlol Animation
Cat's Eye (1985) Quitters, Inc.
◉ Cat's Eye (1985) Quitters, Inc.

A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror.

Release: 94 min ◉ Comedy, Horror, Thriller ◉ 8 November 1985 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Robert Hays, as Johnny Norris, Candy Clark, as Sally Ann, James Naughton, as Hugh, Tony Munafo, as Junk, Court Miller, as Mr. McCann, Russell Horton, as Mr. Milquetoast, Patricia Benson, as Mrs. Milquetoast, Mary D'Arcy, as Cindy, James Rebhorn, as Drunk Businessman, Jack Dillon, as Janitor, Susan Hawes, as Mrs. McCann, Shelly Burch, as Jerrilyn, Sal Richards, as Westlake, Jesse Doran, as Albert, Patricia Kalember, as Marcia, Mike Starr, as Ducky, Drew Barrymore, as Our Girl, James Woods, as Dick Morrison, Alan King, as Dr. Vinny Donatti, Kenneth McMillan, as Cressner, Lewis Teague, Stephen King, cats tv premiere, cats tv stream free, cats plex movies, cats channels tv live, cats all tv shows, cats list top films, cats watch now app, cats stream usa tv, cats free iptv apps, quitters tv premiere, quitters tv stream free, quitters plex movies, quitters channels tv live, quitters all tv shows, quitters list top films, quitters watch now app, quitters stream usa tv, quitters free iptv apps

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