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Awoken (2019) ★ TVlol Sport

Awoken (2019) ★ TVlol Sport
Awoken (2019)
★ Awoken (2019)

When nothing can be done for a Fatal Familial Insomnia patient at the hospital, a med student has her brother moved to a secret facility in the basement for alternative treatment. Is it demonic possession?

Release: 88 min ◉ Horror, Mystery, Thriller ◉ 3 July 2020 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Erik Thomson, as Robert, Sara West, as Karla, Benson Jack Anthony, as Blake, Matt Crook, as Patrick, Amelia Douglass, as Alice, Paul Reichstein, as William Dawson, Mark Saturno, as Sangermano, Felicia Tassone, as Angela, Adam Ovadia, as Christopher, Dana Abed, as Saher, Jessica Burgess, as Student, Jules Dawson, as Cody, Guy Dow-Sainter, as Iddimu, Dee Easton, as Ursula, Helen Geoffreys, as Dr. Wilson, Hannah Irwin, Alexander Lloyd, as Bazelli, Rob MacPherson, as Doctor Mulcahy, Daniel J. Phillips, Alan Grace, awoken tv guide, awoken tv stream site, awoken tv series latest, awoken app, awoken onlinetv app, awoken series to watch, awoken tv channel, awoken tv stream app, awoken tv guide show

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