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Angel (2008) ◉ TVlol Trailer

Angel (2008) ◉ TVlol Trailer
Angel (2008)
◉ Angel (2008)

Once, a long time ago, Angelica "Angel" Holst was a celebrated rock star. Now she's getting desperate to get a comeback. Then her husband has an idea: What if she arranges her own death? Angel (2008) Angel (2008)

Release: 108 min ◉ Drama ◉ 19 March 2008 (Sweden)

Stars: Helena Bergström, as Angel, Rolf Lassgård, as Rick, Rikard Wolff, as Jess, Elisabet Carlsson, as Eva, Johan Rabaeus, as Magnus, Peter Gardiner, as Sam, Patchanee Sudsai, Yuthanee Khunvisud, Yada Khunvisud, Tommy Andersson, Peter Jihde, as Peter Jihde, Tobbe Fall, as Bandmedlem, Mija Folkesson, Ulric Johansson, Hasse Olsson, Lisbeth Åkerman, as Lisbeth Åkerman, Colin Nutley, Michael Baker, angel tv stream app, angel new show, angel list movies netflix, angel apk, angel live tv, angel uk free channels, angel live, angel watch now uk, angel tv movies free

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