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Adulthood (2008) ◎ TVlol Films

Adulthood (2008) ◎ TVlol Films
Adulthood (2008)
◎ Adulthood (2008)

Six years after KiDULTHOOD, Sam Peel is released from jail for killing Trife, he realizes that life is no easier on the outside than it was on the inside and he's forced to confront the people he hurt the most. Some have moved on,...

Release: 99 min ◉ Crime, Drama ◉ 20 June 2008 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Noel Clarke, as Sam, Scarlett Alice Johnson, as Lexi, Adam Deacon, as Jay, Jacob Anderson, as Omen, Plan B, as Dabs, Femi Oyeniran, as Moony, Shanika Warren-Markland, as Kayla, Nathan Constance, as Ike, Cornell John, as Uncle Curtis, Pierre Mascolo, as Andreas, Wil Johnson, as Big Man, Red Madrell, as Alisa, Don Klass, as Blammy, Arnold Oceng, as Henry, Madeleine Fairley, as Claire, Danny Dyer, as Hayden, Adjoa Andoh, as Mrs. Peel, Troy Glasgow, as Jahvon, Noel Clarke, adulthood usa tv station, adulthood hd freeview tv, adulthood new to freeview, adulthood tv channels, adulthood latest movie list, adulthood movies today, adulthood video on demand, adulthood movies showing, adulthood most popular movies

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