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A World Apart (1988) Zwei Welten ◆ TVlol Mystery

A World Apart (1988) Zwei Welten ◆ TVlol Mystery
A World Apart (1988) Zwei Welten
◆ A World Apart (1988) Zwei Welten

1963. Thirteen year old Molly Roth, the eldest of three offspring of Gus and Diana Roth, lives a carefree life as part of the affluent white minority in South Africa. Race is a non-issue for her as although, under apartheid, the Roth

Release: 112 min ◉ Drama ◉ 17 June 1988 (United States)

Stars: Nadine Chalmers, as Yvonne Abelson, Maria Pilar, as Spanish Dance Teacher, Kate Fitzpatrick, as June Abelson, Tim Roth, as Harold, Phyllis Naidoo, as Sareda, Linda Mvusi, as Elsie, Carolyn Clayton-Cragg, as Miriam Roth, Yvonne Bryceland, as Bertha, Mackay Tickey, as Milius, Merav Gruer, as Jude Roth, Albee Lesotho, as Solomon, Clement Muchachi, as Sipho, Paul Freeman, as Kruger, Esma Levend, as Whitworth, Rosalie Crutchley, as Mrs. Harris, Toby Salaman, as Gerald Abelson, Barbara Hershey, as Diana Roth, David Suchet, as Muller, Jodhi May, as Molly Roth, Jeroen Krabbé, as Gus Roth, Chris Menges, Shawn Slovo, world tv cable, world free to watch tv, world stream usa tv, world sub, world all tv shows, world tv series new list, world released movies, world tv show to watch, world cinema top, apart tv cable, apart free to watch tv, apart stream usa tv, apart sub, apart all tv shows, apart tv series new list, apart released movies, apart tv show to watch, apart cinema top, zwei tv cable, zwei free to watch tv, zwei stream usa tv, zwei sub, zwei all tv shows, zwei tv series new list, zwei released movies, zwei tv show to watch, zwei cinema top, welten tv cable, welten free to watch tv, welten stream usa tv, welten sub, welten all tv shows, welten tv series new list, welten released movies, welten tv show to watch, welten cinema top

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