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Relic (2020) πŸ‘Š TVlol Action

Relic (2020) πŸ‘Š TVlol Action
Relic (2020)
πŸ‘Š Relic (2020)

A daughter, mother and grandmother are haunted by a manifestation of dementia that consumes their family's home.

Release: 89 min ◉ Drama, Horror, Mystery ◉ 30 October 2020 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Robyn Nevin, as Edna, Emily Mortimer, as Kay, Bella Heathcote, as Sam, Steve Rodgers, as Constable Mike Adler, Chris Bunton, as Jamie, Robin Northover, as Elderly Man, Catherine Glavicic, as Doctor Stanley, Christina O'Neill, as Grace, John Browning, as Nursing Home Man, Jeremy Stanford, as Alex, Ellie Dewhurst, as Figure, Isabella Clegg, Alex Cotterell, Charly Thorn, Obada Adnan, Natalie Erika James, relic show tv live, relic watch uk tv live, relic watch now uk, relic stream net tv, relic freeview tv app, relic film on tv, relic best shows now, relic free air tv, relic stream tv

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