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Chic! (2015) ※ TVlol Romance

Chic! (2015) ※ TVlol Romance
Chic! (2015)
※ Chic! (2015)

Alicia, a designer for a haute couture fashion house, lacks inspiration to create a new collection after a bitter breakup. To save the show, her bitter director quickly comes up with a solution to restore Alicia's creative powers.

Release: 103 min ◉ Comedy, Drama ◉ 7 January 2015 (France)

Stars: Fanny Ardant, as Alicia Ricosi, Marina Hands, as Hélène Birk, Eric Elmosnino, as Julien Lefort, Laurent Stocker, as Alan Bergam, Catherine Hosmalin, as Caroline Langer, Philippe Duquesne, as Jean-Guy, India Hair, as Karine Lefort, Emmanuel Noblet, as Gilbert Hostier, Clémence Bretécher, as Standardiste 1, Deborah Grall, as Standardiste 2, Audrey Looten, as Pubard femme 1, Morgane Walther, as Pubard femme 2, Thomas Gourdy, as Pubard homme 1, Jean-Christopher Barro, as Le créatif, Christophe de Choisy, as Mannequin 1, Karin Swenson, as Femme 50 ans bar, William Gay, as Chef sécurité Barry, Jean-Marie Scholastique, as Homme sécurité Barry 1, Jérôme Cornuau, chic hd movies stream, chic my tv free, chic now tv shows, chic now tv hd, chic apk tv channels, chic box office films, chic new on tv, chic to watch tv, chic usa live

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