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Antares (2004) ✬ TVlol Western

Antares (2004) ✬ TVlol Western
Antares (2004)
✬ Antares (2004)

Three stories revolve around the love lives of an adulterous woman, a checkout girl and a single mother.

Release: 105 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 3 December 2004 (Austria)

Stars: Petra Morzé, as Eva, Andreas Patton, as Tomasz, Hary Prinz, as Alfred, Susanne Wuest, as Sonja, Dennis Cubic, as Marco, Andreas Kiendl, as Alex, Martina Zinner, as Nicole, Xenia Ferchner, as Iris, Angelika Niedetzky, as Eva's Colleague, Johannes Thanheiser, as Old Man in Hospital, Silvio Szücs, as Taxi Driver, Sasica Jovic, as Cleaning Woman, Melanie Kocsan, as Iris' Friend, Stefan Stojetz, as Bellboy, Jay Lee, as Chambermaid, Ashraf Janni, as Receptionist, Karl Lang, as Man in dog Park, Michaela Obertscheider, as Night Nurse, Götz Spielmann, antares uk tv online, antares live tv news, antares on tv online, antares stream apk, antares now tv hulu, antares all tv app, antares filmon free, antares streaming on tv, antares stream on tv

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