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A New Diva's Christmas Carol (2022) ✪ TVlol Music

A New Diva's Christmas Carol (2022) ✪ TVlol Music
A New Diva's Christmas Carol (2022)
✪ A New Diva's Christmas Carol (2022)

Aphrodite was made famous back in the day for performing "the" timeless love song of the era. The song that everyone plays at their weddings, in every sappy commercial for diamonds or rings or puppies or soldiers coming home. It m...

Release: 120 min ◉ Comedy ◉ 14 December 2022 (United States)

Stars: Robyn Alomar, as Kyra, Sage Arrindell, as Young Aphrodite, Ashanti, Mel B, Catherine Burdon, as Venita, Darlene Cooke, as Future Aphrodite, Vivica A. Fox, Robin Givens, Rico King, as VJ, Lucia Leandre, as Young Femi, Eva Marcille, Mckenzie Small, as Brianna McCallister, Romaine Waite, as Michael, Rusty Cundieff, divas uk tv, divas web television, divas free american tv, divas tv miniseries ratings, divas iptv m3u lists, divas now tv app, divas monthly new movies, divas watch channels, divas iptv usa free, christmas uk tv, christmas web television, christmas free american tv, christmas tv miniseries ratings, christmas iptv m3u lists, christmas now tv app, christmas monthly new movies, christmas watch channels, christmas iptv usa free, carol uk tv, carol web television, carol free american tv, carol tv miniseries ratings, carol iptv m3u lists, carol now tv app, carol monthly new movies, carol watch channels, carol iptv usa free

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