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You're Sleeping, Nicole (2014) Tu dors Nicole ✯ TVlol Western

You're Sleeping, Nicole (2014) Tu dors Nicole ✯ TVlol Western
You're Sleeping, Nicole (2014) Tu dors Nicole
✯ You're Sleeping, Nicole (2014) Tu dors Nicole

While her parents are away, a young woman and her friend are hanging out for the summer, and are joined by her brother and his bandmates.

Release: 93 min ◉ Comedy, Drama ◉ 18 March 2015 (France)

Stars: Julianne Côté, as Nicole Gagnon, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine, as Amant, Luc Senay, as Père de Nicole, Anne-Renée Duhaime, as Mère de Nicole, Mark Barakat, as Normand, Catherine St-Laurent, as Véronique Simard, Marc-André Grondin, as Rémi Gagnon, Francis La Haye, as JF, Simon Larouche, as Pat, Evelyne Bonvin, as Voisin - aspirateur, Godefroy Reding, as Martin, Alexis Lefebvre, Serge Patry, as Voisin, Denise Dubois, as Gérante - comptoir vestimentaire, Bill Corday, as Monsieur Belinski, Claude Despins, as Automobiliste, Jacob Villeneuve, as Bébé #1, François Lambert, as Employés - comptoir vestimentaire, Stéphane Lafleur, Valérie Beaugrand-Champagne, youre cable live, youre netflix channels, youre live television, youre box office top movies, youre ipl tv channel, youre stream uk, youre list latest shows, youre tv uk, youre usa live, sleeping cable live, sleeping netflix channels, sleeping live television, sleeping box office top movies, sleeping ipl tv channel, sleeping stream uk, sleeping list latest shows, sleeping tv uk, sleeping usa live, nicole cable live, nicole netflix channels, nicole live television, nicole box office top movies, nicole ipl tv channel, nicole stream uk, nicole list latest shows, nicole tv uk, nicole usa live, dors cable live, dors netflix channels, dors live television, dors box office top movies, dors ipl tv channel, dors stream uk, dors list latest shows, dors tv uk, dors usa live

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