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Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) Week-end à Zuydcoote ☆ TVlol Shows

Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) Week-end à Zuydcoote ☆ TVlol Shows
Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) Week-end à Zuydcoote
☆ Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) Week-end à Zuydcoote

In June 1940, during the Dunkirk evacuation of Allied troops to England, French sergeant Julien Maillat and his men debate whether to evacuate to Britain or stay and fight the German troops that are closing-in from all directions.

Release: 119 min ◉ Drama, War ◉ 20 June 1966 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo, as Julien Maillat, Catherine Spaak, as Jeanne, Georges Géret, as Pinot, Jean-Pierre Marielle, as Pierson, Pierre Mondy, as Dhéry, Marie Dubois, as Hélène, Christian Barbier, as Paul, François Guérin, as Le lieutenant pressé, Kenneth Haigh, as Atkins, Ronald Howard, as Robinson, Jean-Paul Roussillon, as La gouape, Albert Rémy, as Virrel, Nigel Stock, as Un soldat brûlé, Pierre Vernier, as Un soldat, Alan Adair, Robert Bazil, Charles Bouillaud, as Le rouspéteur, Gérard Darrieu, as Un lieutenant, Henri Verneuil, Robert Merle, François Boyer, weekend watch shows hd, weekend cinema, weekend new tv shows list, weekend watchtv series, weekend free tv episodes, weekend free iptv player, weekend movie app, weekend pluto tv movies, weekend iptv live, dunkirk watch shows hd, dunkirk cinema, dunkirk new tv shows list, dunkirk watchtv series, dunkirk free tv episodes, dunkirk free iptv player, dunkirk movie app, dunkirk pluto tv movies, dunkirk iptv live, week-end watch shows hd, week-end cinema, week-end new tv shows list, week-end watchtv series, week-end free tv episodes, week-end free iptv player, week-end movie app, week-end pluto tv movies, week-end iptv live, zuydcoote watch shows hd, zuydcoote cinema, zuydcoote new tv shows list, zuydcoote watchtv series, zuydcoote free tv episodes, zuydcoote free iptv player, zuydcoote movie app, zuydcoote pluto tv movies, zuydcoote iptv live

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