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Vikes (2017) ☆ TVlol Horror

Vikes (2017) ☆ TVlol Horror
Vikes (2017)
☆ Vikes (2017)

High school kid, Thorvald, influenced by a girl he likes, Ida, campaigns to change his school's mascot, the Viking, to something less offensive to the Scandinavian community. It's a love story.

Release: 86 min ◉ Comedy, Romance ◉ 25 August 2017 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Aidan Alexander, as Thorvald, Sydney Sweeney, as Ida, Carter Hastings, as Sugranis, Noah Munck, as T-Bone, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., as Manifestus, Gerardo Pimentel, as Nyrop, Sara Erikson, as Mrs. Thovson, Brian T. Finney, as Mr. Thovson, Michael Emanuel, as Uncle Bill, Hope Banks, as Lady Shopper, Bobby Lockwood, as Warren Turdslinger, Arnie Pantoja, as Security Guard, Bill Posley, as Keith, Jessica Amlee, as Astrid, Jensen Fairchild, as Kari, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, as Swentek, Henry Shotwell, as Spelling Squad Captain, Kevin L. Walker, as Reciprocity, Tenney Fairchild, vikes tv series, vikes hd tv live apk, vikes top most popular, vikes apple tv news, vikes tv all channel, vikes best iptv apk, vikes online, vikes episodes show, vikes british shows

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