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The Premonition (1975) ◎ TVlol Sport

The Premonition (1975) ◎ TVlol Sport
The Premonition (1975)
◎ The Premonition (1975)

A foster mother begins experiencing psychic visions after the psychotic biological mother of her foster daughter begins stalking them.

Release: 94 min ◉ Horror, Thriller ◉ 11 February 1978 (Mexico)

Stars: Sharon Farrell, as Sheri Bennett, Edward Michael Bell, as Miles Bennett, Jeff Corey, as Lt. Mark Denver, Chitra Neogy, as Dr. Jeena Kingsly, Richard Lynch, as Jude, Ellen Barber, as Andrea, Danielle Brisebois, as Janie Bennett, Rosemary McNamara, as Lenore, Roy White, as Dr. Larabee, Margaret Graham, as Landlady, Thomas Williams, as Todd Fletcher, Wilmuth Cooper, as Gypsy Lady, Mark Schneider, as Patrolman, Robert Harper, as Night Watchman, Stanley W. William, as Dean Fuller, Tamara Bergdall, as Nurse, Bonita Chambers, as Receptionist, Ward Emling, as Student, Robert Allen Schnitzer, Anthony Mahon, Louis Pastore, premonition freeview box, premonition tv show app, premonition streamtv, premonition movies today, premonition top movies, premonition news tv series, premonition tv online, premonition hd tv live apk, premonition top tv shows

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