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The Meetings of Anna (1978) Les rendez-vous d'Anna ☆ TVlol Animation

The Meetings of Anna (1978) Les rendez-vous d'Anna ☆ TVlol Animation
The Meetings of Anna (1978) Les rendez-vous d'Anna
☆ The Meetings of Anna (1978) Les rendez-vous d'Anna

Anna, a detached and diffident director, arrives in Germany to show her latest film; she checks into a hotel, invites a stranger to her bed, and abruptly tells him to leave. He asks her to a birthday lunch with his mother and daug...

Release: 128 min ◉ Drama ◉ 8 November 1978 (France)

Stars: Aurore Clément, as Anna Silver, Helmut Griem, as Heinrich Schneider, Magali Noël, as Ida, Hanns Zischler, as Hans, Lea Massari, as La mère d'Anna, Jean-Pierre Cassel, as Daniel, Alain Berenboom, Françoise Bonnet, Thaddausz Kahl, Laurent Taffein, Victor Verek, Chantal Akerman, meetings tv show watch, meetings movies top rated, meetings yts, meetings on tv online, meetings free uk tv shows, meetings uk online tv, meetings live tv show, meetings totv live, meetings live web tv, anna tv show watch, anna movies top rated, anna yts, anna on tv online, anna free uk tv shows, anna uk online tv, anna live tv show, anna totv live, anna live web tv, rendez-vous tv show watch, rendez-vous movies top rated, rendez-vous yts, rendez-vous on tv online, rendez-vous free uk tv shows, rendez-vous uk online tv, rendez-vous live tv show, rendez-vous totv live, rendez-vous live web tv, danna tv show watch, danna movies top rated, danna yts, danna on tv online, danna free uk tv shows, danna uk online tv, danna live tv show, danna totv live, danna live web tv

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