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The Medusa Touch (1978) ● TVlol Sport

The Medusa Touch (1978) ● TVlol Sport
The Medusa Touch (1978)
● The Medusa Touch (1978)

A telekinetic novelist causes disasters simply by thinking about them.

Release: 109 min ◉ Horror, Sci-Fi ◉ 7 April 1978 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Alan Badel, as Quinton - Barrister, Marie-Christine Barrault, as Patricia Morlar, Jeremy Brett, as Edward Parrish, Michael Hordern, as Altropos - Fortune Teller, Gordon Jackson, as Dr. Johnson, Michael Byrne, as Sgt. Duff, Derek Jacobi, as Moulton - John's Publisher, Robert Lang, as Pennington, Avril Elgar, as Mrs. Pennington, John Normington, as Mr. Copley - John's Schoolmaster, Robert Flemyng, as Judge McKinley, Philip Stone, as Dean, Malcolm Tierney, as Deacon, Norman Bird, as Maj. Henry Morlar - John's Father, Jennifer Jayne, as Mrs. Morlar - John's Mother, James Hazeldine, as Lovelass, Richard Burton, as John Morlar, Lee Remick, as Dr. Zonfeld, Lino Ventura, as Detective-inspector Brunel, Harry Andrews, as Assistant Commissioner, Jack Gold, John Briley, Peter Van Greenaway, medusa channels tv live, medusa all tv shows, medusa watch with tv, medusa shows to watch, medusa best movies on, medusa live tv box, medusa tv series, medusa watching on tv, medusa tv series sites, touch channels tv live, touch all tv shows, touch watch with tv, touch shows to watch, touch best movies on, touch live tv box, touch tv series, touch watching on tv, touch tv series sites

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