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The International Sign for Choking (2011) ★ TVlol Sci-fi

The International Sign for Choking (2011) ★ TVlol Sci-fi
The International Sign for Choking (2011)
★ The International Sign for Choking (2011)

A would-be expatriate from the United States takes his second stab at life in Buenos Aires. Watch as he drifts between halfhearted attempts at work, a feeble romance with his fellow North American housemate, and the fruitless search

Release: 80 min ◉ Comedy, Drama, Romance ◉ 15 April 2012 (Argentina)

Stars: Mariano Blanco, Ximena Brun, Ezequiel Etcheverry, Javier Abril, Zach Weintraub, as Josh, Sophia Takal, as Anna, Roger Delahaye, Barbara Cameron, Colleen Camp, as Connie Kowalski, Larry Bryggman, as Arthur Cobb, Anthony Peck, as Ricky Walsh, Nick Wyman, as Targo, Sam Phillips, as Katya, Kevin Chamberlin, as Charles Weiss, Sharon Washington, as Officer Jane, Stephen Pearlman, as Dr. Schiller, Michael Alexander Jackson, as Dexter, Aldis Hodge, as Raymond, Mischa Hausserman, as Mischa, Edwin Hodge, as Dexter's Friend, Robert Sedgwick, as Rolf, Tony Halme, as Roman, Bill Christ, as Ivan, Anthony Thomas, as Gang Member #1, Bruce Willis, as John McClane, Jeremy Irons, as Simon, Samuel L. Jackson, as Zeus, Graham Greene, as Joe Lambert, John McTiernan, Jonathan Hensleigh, Roderick Thorp, international movie database, international new best movies list, international top most popular, international live show tv, international to movies, international channel usa, international plex movies, international tv to watch, international new movies out, sign movie database, sign new best movies list, sign top most popular, sign live show tv, sign to movies, sign channel usa, sign plex movies, sign tv to watch, sign new movies out, choking movie database, choking new best movies list, choking top most popular, choking live show tv, choking to movies, choking channel usa, choking plex movies, choking tv to watch, choking new movies out

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