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The Forger (2022) Der Passfälscher ◆ TVlol Reality-Tv

The Forger (2022) Der Passfälscher ◆ TVlol Reality-Tv
The Forger (2022) Der Passfälscher
◆ The Forger (2022) Der Passfälscher

Cioma Schönhaus, a 21-year-old Jewish man, escapes the Gestapo and saves lives thanks to his ability to forge passports. His other talent is forging his own identity.

Release: 116 min ◉ Biography, Drama ◉ 13 October 2022 (Germany)

Stars: Louis Hofmann, as Cioma Schönhaus, Jonathan Berlin, as Det Kassriel, Luna Wedler, as Gerda, Nina Gummich, as Frau Peters, André Jung, as Herr Dietrich, Marc Limpach, as Franz Heinrich Kaufmann, Yotam Ishay, as Ludwig Lichtwitz, Luc Feit, as Kellner Albert, Jeanne Werner, as Frau Lange, Joscha Schönhaus, as Walter Heymann, Sina Reiß, as Marktfrau Luise, Stephanie Stremler, as Marktfrau Berta, Marie Jung, as Helene Jacobs, Stefan Merki, as Dr. Heinrich, Nickel Bösenberg, as Siegfried, Catherine Janke, as Brunhild, Max Thommes, as Kriminalbeamter Schulze, Chris Weber, as Kollege von Schulze, Maggie Peren, forger list box-office, forger film box office, forger us tv live, forger movie, forger all time famous series, forger channel uk, forger online movies television, forger on tv live, forger tv show online, passflscher list box-office, passflscher film box office, passflscher us tv live, passflscher movie, passflscher all time famous series, passflscher channel uk, passflscher online movies television, passflscher on tv live, passflscher tv show online

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