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The Dungeon Run (TV Series) ☆ TVlol Action

The Dungeon Run (TV Series) ☆ TVlol Action
The Dungeon Run (TV Series)
☆ The Dungeon Run (TV Series)

The Dungeon Run is a live actual play Dungeons and Dragons adventure of mystery, combat, and magic, with live music and viewer interactivity. Join Dungeon Master Jeff Cannata and the Heroes of Bingle as they fight to save Aïn. The Dungeon Run (2019) The Dungeon Run (2019)

Release: 91 min ◉ Adventure, Comedy, Drama ◉ 24 April 2019 (United States)

Stars: Jessica Lynn Parsons, as Fahima Tadgh, Morgan Peter Brown, as James Quillus, Ronald Ogden, as Uggo Ragefist, Jarred Kjack, as Siv Redthistle, Katie Michels, as Lily Dumblestuck, Zand Broumand, as Lord Arrabann, Jeffrey Cannata, as Dungeon Master, Kari Lee Cartwright, as KoKo Aldershadow, Adam Slemon, as Cristobal De La Cruz, Surena Marie, as Octavius Boxcutter, Amy Vorpahl, Gabriel Hicks, Naseem Etemad, as Desi Elix, Jasper William Cartwright, as SiSi, Todd Stashwick, as Drooth Vandalynx, Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, as Layla Mittens, Trisha Hershberger, as Keylee Khatar, Satine Phoenix, as Vlahnya Um'Vairar, dungeon cinema top, dungeon movies today, dungeon shows best list, dungeon new free tv app, dungeon live in tv, dungeon plex player, dungeon pluto free, dungeon stream live, dungeon usa television, series cinema top, series movies today, series shows best list, series new free tv app, series live in tv, series plex player, series pluto free, series stream live, series usa television

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