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The Doctors (TV Series) ★ TVlol Adult

The Doctors (TV Series) ★ TVlol Adult
The Doctors (TV Series)
★ The Doctors (TV Series)

Dr. Matt Powers is head of Hope Memorial Hospital in the town of Madison, concerning himself with the staff and patients with their attending dramas. He is primarily supported by his wife Maggie, their good friends Dr. Althea Davi... The Doctors (1963–1982) Доктора The Doctors (1963–1982)

Release: 30 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 1 April 1963 (United States)

Stars: James Pritchett, as Dr. Matt Powers, David O'Brien, as Dr. Steve Aldrich, Lydia Bruce, as Dr. Maggie Powers, Elizabeth Hubbard, as Dr. Althea Davis, Carolee Campbell, as Nurse Carolee Simpson, Gerald Gordon, as Dr. Nick Bellini, Sally Gracie, as Martha Allen, Jada Rowland, as Nurse Carolee Simpson Aldrich, Meg Mundy, as Mona Croft, Anna Stuart, as Toni Ferra, Jennifer Houlton, as Greta Powers, Peter Burnell, as Mike Powers, Palmer Deane, as Dr. Hank Iverson, Geraldine Court, as Dr. Ann Larimer, Robert Frank Telfer, as Luke Dancy, Laryssa Lauret, as Dr. Karen Werner, Julia Duffy, as Penny Davis, Glenn Corbett, as Jason Aldrich, doctors best uk tv, doctors series and trailer, doctors episodes, doctors uk tv series, doctors ipl tv channel, doctors all time best series, doctors watch episodes, doctors adult tv live, doctors plex movies, series best uk tv, series series and trailer, series episodes, series uk tv series, series ipl tv channel, series all time best series, series watch episodes, series adult tv live, series plex movies

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