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The Dancing Masters (1943) ◆ TVlol Horror

The Dancing Masters (1943) ◆ TVlol Horror
The Dancing Masters (1943)
◆ The Dancing Masters (1943)

Two bumbling dance teachers help an awkward inventor sell his new invention and facilitate his romance with a beautiful socialite.

Release: 63 min ◉ Comedy, Romance ◉ 19 November 1943 (United States)

Stars: Matt Briggs, as Wentworth Harlan, Margaret Dumont, as Louise Harlan, Allan Lane, as George Worthing, Sam Ash, as Pianist, Louis Bacigalupi, as Dental Patient, Brooks Benedict, as Sidewalk Barker, Ruth Brady, as Secretary, Chick Collins, as Bus Driver, Jimmie Dundee, as Cop Who Slips on Banana Peel, Edward Earle, as Clerk at Airport, William Haade, as Truck Driver, Sherry Hall, as Dentist, Charlie Jordan, Robert Emmett Keane, as Auctioneer, George Lloyd, as Jasper, Hank Mann, as Fruit Vendor, Stan Laurel, as Stan, Oliver Hardy, as Ollie, Trudy Marshall, as Trudy Harlan, Robert Bailey, as Grant Lawrence, Malcolm St. Clair, Scott Darling, George Bricker, dancing netflix movies, dancing top rating, dancing tv telecast, dancing popular tv uk, dancing live channel tv, dancing live tv news, dancing stream tv me, dancing movie watchlist, dancing popular movies, masters netflix movies, masters top rating, masters tv telecast, masters popular tv uk, masters live channel tv, masters live tv news, masters stream tv me, masters movie watchlist, masters popular movies

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