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The Boy Soldier (1981) Allons z'enfants ● TVlol Adult

The Boy Soldier (1981) Allons z'enfants ● TVlol Adult
The Boy Soldier (1981) Allons z'enfants
● The Boy Soldier (1981) Allons z'enfants

This is a coming of age drama adapted from the 1952 Yves Gibeau novel of the same title. A young anti-militarist is forcibly sent to military school by his father. He's a bookish pacifist who endures being bullied by his superiors...

Release: 118 min ◉ War, Drama ◉ 4 March 1981 (France)

Stars: Lucas Belvaux, as Simon Chalumot, Jean Carmet, as L'adjudant Chalumot, Jean-Pierre Aumont, as Commandant Félix, Jean-François Stévenin, as Sergent Billotet, Jacques Denis, as Brizoulet, Eve Cotton, as Soeur Béatrice, Daniel Mesguich, as Capitaine Mourre, Jean-Pol Dubois, as Capitaine des Aubelles, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, as Capitaine Maryla, Jean-Marc Thibault, as Pradier, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, as Commandant de la Mazardière, Serge Moati, as Le professeur de français, Jacques Zanetti, as Lieutenant Bargueloni, Jacques Debary, as Camparois, Roger Riffard, as Oncle Claudius, Henri Poirier, as Le député, Bernard Bloch, as Adjudant Viellard, Roger Ibáñez, as Fernand, Yves Boisset, Yves Gibeau, soldier free movie apps, soldier hulu now tv, soldier best recent tv shows, soldier find popular tv shows, soldier all time famous series, soldier to movies, soldier great movies, soldier tv catch up, soldier movies showing, allons free movie apps, allons hulu now tv, allons best recent tv shows, allons find popular tv shows, allons all time famous series, allons to movies, allons great movies, allons tv catch up, allons movies showing, zenfants free movie apps, zenfants hulu now tv, zenfants best recent tv shows, zenfants find popular tv shows, zenfants all time famous series, zenfants to movies, zenfants great movies, zenfants tv catch up, zenfants movies showing

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