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The Arena (1974) ★ TVlol Movies

The Arena (1974) ★ TVlol Movies
The Arena (1974)
★ The Arena (1974)

When a group of sex slaves are forced by the Romans to become gladiatrices, two such fighters - a Nubian dancer and a Gaulish priestess - form an alliance to survive and lead the others to rebel against their captors.

Release: 90 min ◉ Action, Adventure ◉ January 1974 (United States)

Stars: Daniele Vargas, as Timarchus, Marie Louise Sinclair, as Livia, Maria Pia Conte, as Lucinia, Rosalba Neri, as Cornelia, Vassili Karis, as Marcus, Silvio Laurenzi, as Priscium, Mimmo Palmara, as Rufinius, Antonio Casale, as Lucan, Franco Garofalo, as Aemilius, Pietro Ceccarelli, as Septimus, Jho Jhenkins, as Quintus, Ivan Gasper, as Wulfstan, Pietro Torrisi, as Gladiator, Salvatore Baccaro, as Winekeeper, Anna Melita, as Gladiator Girl, Omero Capanna, as Roman Soldier, Margaret Markov, as Bodicia, Pam Grier, as Mamawi, Lucretia Love, as Deidre, Paul Muller, as Lucilius, Steve Carver, John William Corrington, Joyce Hooper Corrington, arena uk tv live, arena top new movies, arena famous shows, arena movies released, arena watchtv online, arena channel usa, arena new best movies list, arena film series, arena box office list top

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