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The 7D (TV Series) ✡ TVlol Mystery

The 7D (TV Series) ✡ TVlol Mystery
The 7D (TV Series)
✡ The 7D (TV Series)

Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc help Queen Delightful defend the kingdom of Jollywood from an evil (but bumbling) sorcerer couple. The 7D (2014–2016) Los 7E The 7D (2014–2016)

Release: 30 min ◉ Animation, Short, Adventure ◉ 7 July 2014 (United States)

Stars: Bill Farmer, as Doc, Maurice LaMarche, as Grumpy, Dee Bradley Baker, as Dopey, Kevin Michael Richardson, as Happy, Billy West, as Bashful, Stephen Stanton, as Sleepy, Scott Menville, as Sneezy, Leigh-Allyn Baker, as Queen Delightful, Paul Rugg, as Lord Starchbottom, Jess Harnell, as Grim, Kelly Osbourne, as Hildy, Jay Leno, as Crystal Ball, Jenny Pellicer, as Additional Voices, Tress MacNeille, as Gingerbread Witch, Whoopi Goldberg, as Magic Mirror, Rob Paulsen, as Announcer, Jeff Bennett, as Big Bad Wolf, series ustv online, series free cable tv, series films based on ratings, series hd tv online, series hd movies online, series online channel, series freeview online, series new streaming tv, series all time famous series

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