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Silent Rain (2019) ★ TVlol Reality-Tv

Silent Rain (2019) ★ TVlol Reality-Tv
Silent Rain (2019)
★ Silent Rain (2019)

Yukisuke, a young man with a bad leg that forces him to limp constantly, strikes a romance with Koyomi, a young woman who runs a Taiyaki stall. Then she is hit by a car and lose her memory after she awakes from a coma.

Release: 99 min ◉ Drama ◉ 7 February 2020 (Japan)

Stars: Ryôta Bandô, Denden, as Professor, Misa Etô, as Koyomi, Kanji Furutachi, as Doctor, Masato Hagiwara, Naomi Kawase, as Koyomi's mother, Yota Kawase, Tôko Miura, Jun Murakami, Taiga Nakano, as Yukisuke, Ryûtarô Nakagawa, Natsu Miyashita, silent live tv links, silent freesat tv box, silent tv series top, silent see tv live, silent top rated film, silent totv online, silent prime tv movies, silent latest tv series, silent top movies all the time, rain live tv links, rain freesat tv box, rain tv series top, rain see tv live, rain top rated film, rain totv online, rain prime tv movies, rain latest tv series, rain top movies all the time

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