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She Devils of the SS (1973) Eine Armee Gretchen ◎ TVlol Musical

She Devils of the SS (1973) Eine Armee Gretchen ◎ TVlol Musical
She Devils of the SS (1973) Eine Armee Gretchen
◎ She Devils of the SS (1973) Eine Armee Gretchen

In the last days of WW2, women are volunteering from all over Germany to serve in the front lines by having sex with Nazi soldiers.

Release: 96 min ◉ War ◉ 24 August 1973 (West Germany)

Stars: Helmut Förnbacher, as Captain Mannteufel, Alexander Allerson, as Colonel Stett, Hasso Preiß, as Major, Birgit Bergen, as Supplies Officer, Milan Beli, as Aljoscha, Anne Graf, as Intelligence Chief Stein, Klaus Knuth, as Gestapo Officer, Elke Boltenhagen, as Claudia, Michel Jacot, as G.I. Lieutenant, Frank Krönes, as German Officer, Elisabeth Fricker, as Recruit Goldschmidt, Eduard Huber, Christiane Lanius, Walter Kraus, as Karl, Olga Gebhard, as Mrs. Kuhn, Claudia Fielers, as Elisabeth Vorrat, Elisabeth Felchner, as Marga Kuhn, Karin Heske, as Eva Kuhn, Renate Kasché, as Ulrike von Menzinger, Carl Möhner, as Dr. Felix Kuhn, Erwin C. Dietrich, Karl-Heinz Helms-Liesenhoff, devils roku free tv, devils top new latest movies, devils tv show live, devils series online, devils films selected by votes, devils tv shows website, devils the box movie, devils moviesm, devils smart tv live, eine roku free tv, eine top new latest movies, eine tv show live, eine series online, eine films selected by votes, eine tv shows website, eine the box movie, eine moviesm, eine smart tv live, armee roku free tv, armee top new latest movies, armee tv show live, armee series online, armee films selected by votes, armee tv shows website, armee the box movie, armee moviesm, armee smart tv live, gretchen roku free tv, gretchen top new latest movies, gretchen tv show live, gretchen series online, gretchen films selected by votes, gretchen tv shows website, gretchen the box movie, gretchen moviesm, gretchen smart tv live

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