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Sharpe's Siege (1996) Sharpe ✪ TVlol Animation

Sharpe's Siege (1996) Sharpe ✪ TVlol Animation
Sharpe's Siege (1996) Sharpe
✪ Sharpe's Siege (1996) Sharpe

Sharpe, with his new commanding officer, is sent to capture a castle when news comes of locals who will rise against Bonaparte. However, he is somewhat distracted by thoughts of his wife whom he was forced to leave while stricken ...

Release: 100 min ◉ Action, Adventure, Drama ◉ 8 May 1996 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Sean Bean, as Major Richard Sharpe, Daragh O'Malley, as Sgt. Major Patrick Harper, Abigail Cruttenden, as Jane Gibbons, Hugh Fraser, as Lord Wellington, James Laurenson, as Major General Hector Ross, Féodor Atkine, as Major Pierre Ducos, Christian Brendel, as Compte de Maquerre, Christopher Villiers, as Colonel Horace Bampfylde, Amira Casar, as Catherine, Philip Whitchurch, as Capt. William Frederickson, James Ryland, as Capt. Neil Palmer, Olivier Pierre, as General Calvet, Danny Cunningham, as Rifleman Robinson, Sylvester Morand, as Colonel Henri Lassan, John Tams, as Rifleman Daniel Hagman, Jason Salkey, as Rifleman Harris, John Tordoff, as Dr. Kenefick, Jim McManus, as Smithers, Tom Clegg, Bernard Cornwell, Eoghan Harris, Charles Wood, sharpes stream apk, sharpes stream uk shows, sharpes current popular tv shows, sharpes all time best series, sharpes sat satellite, sharpes greatest movies, sharpes live channels, sharpes now tv series, sharpes stream to watch, siege stream apk, siege stream uk shows, siege current popular tv shows, siege all time best series, siege sat satellite, siege greatest movies, siege live channels, siege now tv series, siege stream to watch, sharpe stream apk, sharpe stream uk shows, sharpe current popular tv shows, sharpe all time best series, sharpe sat satellite, sharpe greatest movies, sharpe live channels, sharpe now tv series, sharpe stream to watch

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