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Shaolin Kung Fu (1974) Shao Lin gong fu ◉ TVlol Mystery

Shaolin Kung Fu (1974) Shao Lin gong fu ◉ TVlol Mystery
Shaolin Kung Fu (1974) Shao Lin gong fu
◉ Shaolin Kung Fu (1974) Shao Lin gong fu

A new rickshaw business opens in town and starts abusing the other rickshaw pullers and stealing their customers. One man from a rival business can't stand idly by and begins fighting back which leads to lots of violence and death.

Release: 91 min ◉ Action, Adventure ◉ 1974 (Taiwan)

Stars: Yuan Yi, as Elder Master Chu, Chiu-Ming Chen, Yi-Ben Chang, Chien Chin, as Thug, Chung Yen, as Overseer Ho, Peng Cheng, as Young Master Chu Tien-Hai, Chi-San Ai, as Fatty Rickshaw Puller, Chi-Ping Chang, Pao-Shan Chang, Peng-Yi Chang, Shao-Chun Chang, Yi-Fei Chang, Hsin-Yi Chen, Feng Chi, Hou-Chiang Chi, Ming-Ching Chou, Chiang-Lung Wen, as Lin Fung, Hung Yi, Ping Lu, as Tsui-Pou, Shan-shan Yang, as Hsiao-Yuan, Joseph Kuo, shaolin channel usa, shaolin movie database, shaolin live web tv, shaolin tv series now, shaolin app prime video, shaolin watch online, shaolin to tv online, shaolin free series, shaolin movie, kung channel usa, kung movie database, kung live web tv, kung tv series now, kung app prime video, kung watch online, kung to tv online, kung free series, kung movie, shao channel usa, shao movie database, shao live web tv, shao tv series now, shao app prime video, shao watch online, shao to tv online, shao free series, shao movie, gong channel usa, gong movie database, gong live web tv, gong tv series now, gong app prime video, gong watch online, gong to tv online, gong free series, gong movie

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