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Shanks (1974) ► TVlol Musical

Shanks (1974) ► TVlol Musical
Shanks (1974)
► Shanks (1974)

A mute puppeteer uses a deceased scientist's invention to control dead bodies like puppets.

Release: 93 min ◉ Fantasy, Horror ◉ 9 October 1974 (United States)

Stars: Helena Kallianiotes, as Mata Hari, Larry Bishop, as Napoleon, Don Calfa, as Einstein, Biff Manard, as Goliath, Mondo, as Genghis Khan, Read Morgan, as Policeman, William Castle, as Grocer, Phil Adams, as Beethoven, Lara Wing, as Little Girl, Marcel Marceau, as Malcolm Shanks, Tsilla Chelton, as Mrs. Barton, Philippe Clay, as Mr. Barton, Cindy Eilbacher, as Celia, shanks online streaming, shanks best shows series, shanks watch shows free, shanks pluto on demand, shanks iptv channel, shanks latest movies, shanks iptv m3u lists, shanks roku free tv, shanks new top tv series

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